Battle of the BBQ Mitts – The best bbq glove is revealed by

Best BBQ Mitt Weber or Outback
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A few weeks ago a very sad thing happened; my trusty Weber BBQ Mitt/Glove, something I have had for nearly 5 years, caught fire a little bit. It was my own fault really, I was faffing about trying to cook an entire leg of lamb and whilst making sure the joint remained moist I forgot that my trusty mitt was not entirely flame proof and a little whole burnt into the thumb section.

Being an annoying blogger type I immediately took to Twitter to try and convince them that they should send me a free replacement, they quite rightly ignored me.

So, i dived onto Amazon and got one for £11.00, bargain! Whilst on there I thought, why not get two, because many of the recipes we grill call for two handed man-handling of the meat. I stumbled upon the idea of getting the second one from a different brand so i went for the trusted BBQ brand, Outback and it cost just £3.99!

When they both arrived (next day, kudos to Amazon) I could tell straight away that it was not really a fair test. The Weber one was made to last, very tough and was clearly going to stand the test of time. The Outback one was quite flimsy and I thought it would struggle. I should again point out that there was a significant difference between the two BBQ mitt prices.

Anyway, the test was immediate as I was cooking a Beer Can up The Bum Chicken recipe. This needs a fair bit of man-handling, getting the chickens in place in a hot grill and then constantly checking them to make sure they are not burning and pouring beer over the chickens.

To be fair, the Outback BBQ Oven Mitt faired really well in the heat test, i.e. how long before I felt the temperature working through the gloves, but the Weber could have lasted for ever I reckon. The Outback glove did start to smoke a little after trying to hold the chicken in place.

The Weber mitt had no problems, even when a part of it touched the grill where the coals were seated. Did not feel a thing!

In terms of styles, they were both very similar. There is only so much you can do with the design of a BBQ Oven Mitt. The Outback one had flashes of green and their strapline, the Weber one was probably a bit more stylish and just carried their logo.

Overall, the Weber BBQ Mitt is the clear winner. I feel it was a slightly unfair test because the Outback BBQ Mitt was far lower in price, BUT, they are both aiming at the same market so it is fair game to compare them.

As I find with all Weber BBQ products, they are simply the best on the market and do the job perfectly. Kudos Weber, you are the winner!

Weber BBQ Mitt/Oven Glove – £11.00 Amazon

Outback BBQ Mitt/Oven Glove – £3.59 Amazon

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